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BowJunky MediaThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 6:54am

In professional archer news, Jack Wallace II has signed with PSE Archery archery after shooting 3 months of this years season as a free agent.

Ken Branham I believe PSE and Bow Tech are the two big players this year the Evolve cam system I think is the best ! Hoyt needs to up there game on bows design .Jack is a great archer and a embassitor of the sport !
Johnny Bobo One of the best. First pro I ever shot with at a national tournament and I remember daily all of his advice. Great guy!
Rob Kaufhold Congrats Blake and Bobby at PSE! Your podium count just went WAY up! 👍😃
Jon Wilson Awesome, he has and will continue to be an ambassador for PSE
Keith Porter Congrats Jack couldn't have happened to a better guy!
Wayne Risner Good job PSE, Jack is one of the best in history.
Austin Gott Take him out and kill some carp for no reason. That should get a lot of likes
Coya Greg Congrat as Jack. Well deserved accomplishments. Your one if b the good ones
Rheta Crowder Shaw Congrats Jack! Happy for you
James Larry Wise Congrats Jack. Great news.
Tara Hopkins Congrats Jack!
AmyDale Jones Congrats!!
Joe Grace great for PSE Archery...Jack can have a lot of input for bow design!!!
James Crooks Jr Congrats jack
Kendall Woody Congrats buddy!!!!!
Fred Modaff PSE Baby!🏹💥
Jason Bunn Good move PSE
Austin Cameron You deserve it my friend, congrats
David Broadnax Congratulations
John Vozzy Congrats my friend. Welcome to team PSE
William White Congrats!!!
Kevin Flaherty Congrats
Josh Davis Congrats buddy
Whitney Jennelle Meadows Yay. Congrats. Keep showing them what you got
Jason Schwartz Awesome bows and great guy to rep the company
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BowJunky MediaThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 6:00am

BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Professional hunter, conservationist, guide, TV personality and businessman Jim Shockey to discuss his upcoming hunting season and the Park project he is putting together in Somalia. Greg & Jim also discuss how he stays in such incredible shape at nearly 60 years young and how a disciplined diet, work out and MTN OPS supplement program keep him in the shape he needs to be in for the amazing areas he frequently hunts.

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BowJunky MediaThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 4:17am


Jim Shockey will be joining Greg Poole today for a bonus podcast!!

If you have any questions you would like Jim to answer start posting them now!!

Chris Brown Two part question. 1 - As an outfitter what is your number one gripe/pet peeve concerning clients? 2- What has been your worst experience as a client visiting an outfitter?
Cody Warnock Tips for hunting whitetails on small acreage? 10 acres or less. Thanks!
Brad Edgington If Jim could only hunt one animal in the world for the rest of his life, what animal would it be and what weapon would he hunt it with?
Serban Rachita I really liked Ted's opinion on staying clean and growing archery, I would also like to hear Jim's opinion on these topics.
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BowJunky MediaWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 11:54am

Ever wonder what pros talk about on the line during a shoot-off??

You saw and heard BJM's Greg Poole & Christopher Perkins commentary of the Men's pro shoot-off at the National Field Archery Association Indoor nationals where Hoyt Archery pro Steve Anderson Archery battled it out with PSE Archery AAE & TRU Ball Archery and Axcel Sights pro Stephan Hansen but you haven't HEARD the 2017 indoor nationals Men's pro shoot-off in Steve Anderson's own voice during the intense moments on the line and at the targets talking to Stephan Hansen, Chance Beaubouef, Aaron Tedford, Jesse Broadwater, Braden Gellenthien, Henry Bass and himself!

NFAA Indoor nationals coverage was brought to you by Lancaster Archery Supply

Mike Anderson Love it Greg. More of this please! Reo, Jesse, Levi.
Darrin McCutcheon Very cool.
Ben Markovitz Jesse Strayer
Chris Nixon Great video..."Sometimes my aiming is on..." what a class act, he has a lot of fun out there.
Marcus Denney Sorry for the newbie question. But what brand of bow is that black and red strings. White shirt with green on the sides?
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