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WHO DID IT BETTER? Back to back The Vegas Shoot champion Kyle Douglas - Professional Archer or John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever?

Before any of you get triggered. Kyle ... See more

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Last but not least is the Freakshow himself Jesse Broadwater rounding out the crew along with Greg Poole on Sunday morning filming after Vegas! What do you think these 5 are up to? #Archery #4of4 ... See more

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Things got a bit fiery when Lewis Holmes III joined Greg Poole and the guys Sunday morning after Vegas!! #Archery #3of4 #Competition #somethingnew

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What was Greg Poole and the guys up to the day after Vegas? Don't worry, It will be worth the wait... Bow Life TV Levi Morgan #Archery #2of4 #Compete #staytuned #AfterVegas

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BJM's Greg Poole wasn't setting up at 430 am on Sunday after Vegas for no reason... something new is coming! Steve Anderson Archery #1of4 #archery #compete

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Men's & women's Recurve qualification scores from stage 1 World Cup in Guatemala.

While we are remembering archer moments from the 2021 The Vegas Shoot... I wanted to give credit to someone who's "Moment" is long over due but without question is coming! This is Richard Bowen he ... See more

Every archers "Moment" is truly individual and how they express themselves is as well. When 13 year old Hawaiian prodigy Liko Arreola burst on the national scene at the Rushmore Rumble shooting a ... See more

Men's Compound qualification scores from World Cup stage 1.

Women's compound qualification results from World Cup stage 1. American Paige Pearce leads the pack with a new National record 707!