Monday, February 17th, 2020 at 9:21pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by long time professional archer and WI legend Lee Gibbs who shot the first 900 of his career at the 2020 The Vegas shoot. Greg and Lee discuss family, work and shooting along with his local archery shop Whale tales archery.
Saturday, February 15th, 2020 at 6:11pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by the 2020 Championship Young Adult winner with a perfect 900 Cole Frederick to discuss how he got into the sport and how hard he has worked to accomplish this win. They also talk about parents Jamie & Jason, coach Scott Wright
Friday, February 14th, 2020 at 7:17pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by the 3 peat Senior Champion Keith Trail to talk about Keith's history in the sport and how he has overcome physical and mental hurdles to remain on the top f his game and the importance of his family as he continues his reign
Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 at 3:38pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by the 2020 Vegas shoot Championship open winner Kyle Douglas. Kyle talks about where came from, his archery shop along with his mental game and how his parents contributed to his calmness under pressure
Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 at 5:20pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Jared & Tyler Hergenrader and Mike Hernandez from Break the Barriers. BTB is a veteran and disabled persons program serving the community for 37 years. BTB is the largest Sports recreational Veteran program in the country
Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at 4:34pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Martin Archery's Scott Romero to discuss the companies origins dating back to 1951 and how current owners have rebuilt the iconic brand from the top down focusing on family and its shooter experience.
Monday, January 20th, 2020 at 3:23pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by the GOAT of unknown 3D Levi Morgan of Bow life TV to discuss the current situation concerning Unknown 3D archery. Greg & Levi discuss how the known class became pro and the "Meeting" that precipitated it in London KY.
Friday, January 17th, 2020 at 7:42pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by Professional archers Paige Pearce & Tate Morgan for an "On the Spot" podcast from Nimes France. We discuss the struggles of traveling the world including baggage issues, time changes.
Thursday, January 16th, 2020 at 7:06pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by AAE 3rd generation Fisher, current GM Nick Fisher to discuss the history of the company from grandparents Tom & Millie, parents TJ & Chelly as he is poised to take the helm headed into the companies 50th year in business.
Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 at 1:45pm
BJM's Greg Poole is joined by the Organization of Professional Archery creators Bow life TV Levi Morgan and Mike Pollard to discuss the recently announced partnership with the wildly successful Bowfest event held at Mont Du Lac in WI.

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