Deer Drives in 2015 ?

American Deer Drive Caravan
**Photo curtsy of google images**

With gun season here and in our Midwest faces. The age old tradition is in full swing, deer drives ! For generations families have been calling off work and gathering around the barn door’s in the morning darkness as grandpa’s , dad’s and teenagers skipping school flip coins as to who gets to be the “stander” on the first drive.

I must admit that as a child, I to partook in a deer drive or two. But as I grew older and my passion for archery and harvesting a whitetail with my bow and arrow grew stronger, I ceased from deer drives all together.
I quickly became enthralled with the challenge and respect of bowhunting. And I also quickly began judging and condemning those who continued the tradition.
Was it because I was irritated at the idea of forcing a deer to do something it unnaturally wanted to do at that time just so I could get a slug to fly at him running full bore ? Or was it the fact that so many doe’s had just been bread by mature bucks and the stress inflicted on them has to have some sort of adverse effect in their reproduction process? I don’t know ?
Am I being to critical of these deer drives? Do we need them for conservation ? Or are we just refusing to put in the work it now takes to harvest a whitetail with the influx in numbers of hunters around the country ?

What are your thoughts, do you participate in deer drives still ? If so why, out of tradition, time management to fill a freezer or just simply because you enjoy slinging lead at moving targets?