About BowJunky Media

The owner of Bowjunky media is Greg Poole.

Greg has competed in archery, professionally, for many years. Additionally, he has also worked for, and continue to work for, some of the manufacturing companies in the archery industry. Greg hopes his semi-understanding of both sides of the industry and sport will allow him to have a very unique and thorough perspective, as Bowjunky moves forward. His goal will be to build upon the foundation of Bowjunky–while continuing to provide unique exposure and insight into the sport of archery and the industry itself.

Greg will also be building a new Bowjunky Media team, to help properly execute goals on how to best serve the sport and industry; Bowjunky will be reporting on all pertinent archery stories with the respect and consideration the sport deserves.

Thank you all, for your continued support, and we hope to see you all very soon at an archery tournament!



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