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August 14, 2021

2021 IBO Worlds 10 target shoot off

https://youtu.be/OY2jvX8tDFc LIVE feed from the 2021 IBO worlds shoot off INCLUDING the 1st 3 targets when the feed went down. Levi Morgan came into the 10 target shoot off trailing by 3 to Dan McCarthy but on the very first target the unthinkable happened! PLEASE forgive the technical difficulties and audio issues. We figured out the audio issue was from Greg holding the microphone on the transmitter. We apologize
July 30, 2021

Women’s Pro shoot off 2021 IBO Nelsonville

https://youtu.be/8mjxAzNXu80 Women's Pro Sharon Wallace came into the shoot off in Nelsonville with a commanding lead and kept her foot on the gas winning the event by the largest point spread in IBO history. Sharon also claimed the 2021 IBO triple crown but despite the win Sharon was shooting for a reason none of us had any idea about, her dear friend Connie Clinton.


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